It all began one hot summer day on the water with our friends...

As the drinks flowed, we quickly realized that we had an issue. With the rising popularity of alcoholic beverages being offered in modern slim cans, there was a distinct lack of insulation products available to address the hot issue at hand (no pun intended): our alcohol was getting warm, and that sucks.

The Slimz™ story begins here.

After extensive research, we were dissatisfied with what we found on the market. The small selection of slim can insulation products available were either too bulky, too expensive, or of extremely poor quality.

Enter: The Slimz™ Softie

Something had to be done. We couldn't continue allowing our fellow humans to suffer through 12 ounces of warm alcohol. Enough was enough. After producing various prototypes and trying many different manufacturing processes, we crafted our first product offering: the Slimz™ Softie.

Constructed from the highest quality neoprene materials and expert stitching techniques, the Slimz Softie is designed to keep any 12 oz slim can insulated and cold to the last drop.

Highly mobile, highly fashionable, and highly functional. The Slimz™ Softie will make you look good and keep your 12 oz slim can beverage cold while you enjoy the party, and we stand behind that promise.

Sip on.